We Make Sure That Whatever Grows In The Farms Reach The Consumer Safe & Fresh

Kisankonnect farmers are advised to follow Good Agriculture Practices (GAP), which ensures that the crops are not produced at the cost of the environment. This model of sustainable production methodology is followed for producing export-grade fruits and vegetables. So you get the benefit of being part of an environment-friendly process.

Kisankonnect is a pioneering integrated farming network equipped with the necessary infrastructure, technology, and supply-chain expertise to deliver farm-to-table freshness of fruits and vegetables.

Our humble attempt is in ensuring you and your family have access to a safe and fresh line of produce that promises you real nutrition.


Kisankonnect Advantages

Kisankonnect is has an experienced team that brings expertise and an expansive supply chain network to deliver from farm-to -the table! Our integrated farming systems contribute to environmental, socio-economic, and intergenerational sustainability.

We make sure that whatever grows in the farms, first reaches to our center for grading and then reaches to the consumer fresh and safe. At Kisankonnect our vegetables don’t change as our farmers themselves follow a rapid process of bringing freshly harvested vegetables for grading, testing, and packing. The only other person to come in contact with the vegetables is the consumer, who gets the produce under as less as 18 hours.

We’re Certified Company

We Use New Technology

Progressive Farmers

We Deliver At Doorsteps